EF Challenge — Planning/Prioritization

by Laurie Moore Skillings, SCAC


 Planning/prioritization is the ability to create a road map to reach a goal or to complete a task.  It also involves being able to make decisions about what’s important to focus on and what’s not important.

This can be tough for a lot of us with ADHD.

If the person has challenges with planning/prioritization they may find it hard to:

finish one task before starting another

complete a project with more than one step

break long-term projects or assignments into smaller tasks

create a time line for a project

make plans with friends and giving friends enough notice

know what needs to be done first in a task

know what needs to be done next, etc.

write an essay

create an outline

determine how much effort goes into an assignment

be prepared for upcoming events (athletic, academic, personal)

For a strategy for Planning/Prioritization click here.